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Microzone Treatment – 30 minutes

Get On-The-Spot skin solutions with microZone treatments. Our Expert skin therapist will analyze your skin, thenPerform a zone specific treatment designed to solve your skin problem, in 20 minutes. MicroZone treatments are the quick fix for troubled skin, and they’re ideal maintenance service between treatments.


Rapid Results – 60 minutes

Rapid Results is a series of three to six 50 minute treatments,Utilizing maximum potency exfoliants and High-tech electrical Modalities, including ultra-sonic cleansing, to stimulate Cellular activity deep within the layers of the skin for dramatic Change. ( Series of 3 treatments recommended )

Member: $50      Non-Member: $100

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Microdermabrasian Treatments
( Packages Available )

Skin Rejuvenation / Anti-Aging

One of our best preventative and corrective treatments for Acne, problem and aging skin. Excellent results are seen After ONE treatment, However, a series of 6-10 sessions is recommended.

Member: $60 | Non-Member: $120
Express: $30 | Express:  $60

Acne Retexturation

Ideal for affected by premature aging, sun damage, ultra-dry Or,dehydrated conditions. Includes each step of our intense Cleansing facial plus our Multi Vitamin (A,C and E ) hydroxy exfoliation and customized masque.
                                    Member: $60 | Non-Member: $120

Sun Spot / Dark Spot

This treatment is targeted toward sun-damaged or prematurely aging skin. Banish dehydration and dullness.

Member: $30        Non-Member: $60

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